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Vacation Breakfast

Art Museum

Find out why so many people fall in love with San Francisco when you experience our famous Art Museum. There's an excellent reason it's as well known as it is, and it won't take you long to see for yourself. You might end up recommending it to all your friends.

Hotel Pool

Local Dining

Whether you're traveling with a group of like-minded friends or a family with a wide range of ages, everyone will find something to love about the nearby Local Dining. You can spend a whole day exploring or just check it out for an hour or two.

Rolled hotel towels

Historic District

Have you heard about the Historic District not far from The Eagles Nest Inn B&B? If you have, you're probably excited to experience it for yourself. If you haven't, it's definitely time to change that. You'll be so glad you took advantage of it while you were here.

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